Hearing Loss

hearing lossHearing loss often occurs very gradually – over time. Because of this most people don’t know they are suffering from hearing loss until their problem is quite severe.

Hearing Loss – What are the Signs?

Hearing loss could be an issue for you if:

  • You often find yourself saying, ‘Can you repeat that please?’
  • You struggle to hear on the phone
  • You turn up the volume on the TV – yet others can already hear it
  • You find it difficult to follow conversations in noisy places
  • Your family and friends suggest you might have a hearing problem
  • You find it hard to hear someone if they are faced away from you

Hearing Loss is Common – Don’t Be Embarrassed

Hearing loss is very common, especially as we grow older. Many people with hearing loss, even those with severe hearing impairments, can lead normal lives with the help of a hearing aid. And yet people who suspect they may have a problem often put off seeking help. Others simply don’t get around to having their hearing checked.

It is common for hearing loss to be quite advanced by the time treatment is sought.

Hearing Loss is Simple to Resolve

Hearing loss can be quite debilitating – resulting in sufferers withdrawing from social settings and having issues relating to loved ones. Yet, once someone with hearing loss seeks advice from an Audiologist, their communication with family members and friends can again become more fulfilling.

Clients often tell us they wish they had of seen to hearing loss years earlier. It is not until people start really hearing again that they realise what they have been missing out on.

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